The state of the art LPG conversion Kit is the outcome of intensive research in perfecting fuel-air proportioning and cylinder lubrication over the full range of speeds. This is a difficult task particularly for two-stroke high-speed engines like the Outboard engines having working speeds up to 6500 RPM. Surya’s Marine LPG Kits therefore, are versatile and different from the ones used in the Automobile sector where speeds are significantly lower. Such Kits currently in use in the Automobile sector fails when used with the high-speed Outboard engines. This is where SURYA has established the benchmark in design and performance. Features of Surya’s Marine LPG Kits are proprietary and patent rights are reserved.

Surya’s Marine LPG Kit should be considered a boon to the class of fishermen who venture into the sea with minimum outfits for making a living. When Surya’s Marine LPG Kit is retrofitted, the fuel cost is reduced to one third of the cost of Petrol-Kerosene fuel otherwise used. Thanks to lower unit cost of LPG and more efficient combustion performance of the engine, the fuel cost comes down to 40 percent. In other words there is a saving of 60 percent on fuel cost. Un- believable! Is it not?

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